Anti-Putin Noon
Peaceful protests during so‑called “elections”

Russians both within the country and abroad will participate in the global peaceful protest on March 17, 2024 at noon (local time).

Unlawful elections

On March 15-17, 2024, Russia will hold so-called «presidential elections», the results of which do not depend on the will of citizens. Anti-war candidates are not allowed to participate in the elections. Actions and rallies are effectively banned in Russia. Under most brutal repressions, Russians who oppose Putin’s regime can indicate their position in only one way: they can take part in a safe protest.

A way to show your protest

The #AntiPutinNoon movement, conceived by Maxim Reznik, a respected politician and co-founder of the «European St. Petersburg», invites citizens to visit their polling stations at noon on the last day of the presidential elections to express a collective stand against the current political situation.

United Russian resistance

The initiative has gathered widespread support among prominent public figures, including Alexei Navalny, Yulia Navalnaya, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Dmitry Gudkov, and Vladimir Kara-Murza, marking a significant moment of solidarity.
Navalny’s poignant call to action days before his death emphasises the simplicity and safety of this gesture, encouraging participation as a means to visibly and peacefully demonstrate opposition to war, corruption, and injustice.
#AntiPutinNoon is not just an action but a reflection of the resilient spirit of those advocating for change. It represents a collective hope for a future where voices are heard, rights are respected, and peace prevails.

This website not only details the action plan but also lists those who have already pledged their support, showcasing the growing community of advocates for democracy and peace.
Participating cities abroad:
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